Are you meeting their unspoken needs?

77% of financially successful families want P&C support from their financial advisor but only 28% are getting it. Source: Oliver Wyman, 2018 report The Overlooked Gap in Financial Advice

Is this a hot opportunity for your firm?

At Influential Lifestyle Insurance, we help you create more value while adding a powerful differentiator to your firm.

Our Influential Ally Plan™

  • Guides your qualified clients through our Influential Confidence Process™.
  • Gives you access to their Personal Risk Dossier™.
  • Invites you to collaborate in the design of their insurance program.
  • Improves client satisfaction by providing an enhanced level of asset protection.
  • Gives you access to their Client Portal and dedicated Lifestyle Risk Advisor™.

We understand your desire to create a transformational experience for your clients. To you, it’s not a transaction; it’s a noble calling to help them win in life.

As dedicated P&C brokers and Lifestyle Risk Advisors, we’re uniquely suited to help you deepen your client experience without introducing conflicts of interest in financial advice, estate planning, or life insurance.
Just imagine how incorporating Lifestyle Risk Management™ to your approach can deliver more value to your best clients, earn more of their business, and win introductions to people within their influence.

How to join our Influential Ally Program™

Step 1
Schedule a call
Speak with us to explore how we can contribute to your success.
Step 2
Create a profile
We build your firm’s Influential Ally Profile to simplify the teamwork process and track progress.
Step 3
Refer and win
Add Lifestyle Risk Management™ to your firm’s approach one outstanding client at a time.