We exist because we believe the world desperately needs people who create massive value for others. We believe ordinary people with extraordinary resolve, extraordinary thinking, choosing to live extraordinary lives, pursue extraordinary passions, and give to extraordinary causes are the key to our better future.

People like this inspire us. They create positive change in the world. They help us overcome challenging circumstances and limiting beliefs. They take stands. They believe life is happening for them. They see the intrinsic value in all people. They are the independent thinkers, the entrepreneurs, the leaders, the difference makers, and the givers.

At Influential Lifestyle Insurance, we believe people like this are worthy of our time, capability, and commitment. We exist to protect, defend, encourage, inspire, and stand with them.


  • Who we are

    We’re a personal risk management and insurance firm obsessed with helping generous, financially successful people protect their lifestyle and influence.

  • What we do

    Most financially successful people have gaps in their insurance that make them vulnerable. At Influential Lifestyle Insurance, we find those problems and design custom insurance programs that protect each client’s unique lifestyle.

  • Who we serve

    We exclusively serve families with $5M in assets and higher that live with purpose, passion, and philanthropy.

  • Why them?

    Our resources, partnerships, and expertise are most useful to individuals and families that have more at risk. Also, we share our clients’ relentless desire to live to the full and contribute to the good of others. By dedicating ourselves exclusively to this group, we’re empowering society’s most influential givers.

  • What’s in it for our clients?

    Externally, we give them a plan and a team to protect their lifestyle and influence from the events of a risky world. Internally, we give them a new level of confidence, peace, and optimism.

  • What’s the Personal Risk Dossier™?

    The Personal Risk Dossier™ is our proprietary, industry-transforming tool that makes understanding and managing a family’s lifestyle risks radically simple and actionable.

  • What values do we live by?

    Wisdom, discretion, ingenuity, empathy, generosity, and teamwork.

  • What’s our vision?

    To be known by our clients, partners, and team members as the most innovative and trusted multiplier of positive influence in our industry.

Our Influential Confidence Process™ enlists us in your mission and sets the stage for a successful partnership.

The Influential Confidence Process™

  • 1 The Alignment Conversation
  • 2 Evaluate the Status Quo
  • 3 The Personal Risk Dossier™
  • 4 Employing Our Strategy
  • 5 The Influential Stewardship Plan™
  • The Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) is recognized as the leading insurance and risk management designation by top agents, brokers, and insurance companies working with high net worth clients. It was developed in 2015 by The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research in partnership with the Council for Insuring Private Clients. At Influential Lifestyle Insurance, we’re proud to support the CPRM program as a powerful way to elevate our industry’s level of service to financially successful clients. Our Lifestyle Risk Advisors™ are required to pursue and maintain this prestigious designation.